Thrash Metal – Thrash ‘n’ Burn


So here’s our third song for your listening/mixing enjoyment, this time in the style of Municipal Waste/Evile.
Tempo is: 220

The song:

The Walkthrough:

Download the multitracks + my PT session and mix it yourself: [url][/url]

Download the WAV Version: [url][/url]

Recording Notes:

Drums are SD2+MM, Tempestra Snare and Slate Snare 10

Guitars are a Gibson Explorer (the one in the video) —> Countryman 85 —> True Precision 8 —> HD 192

Bass was a Charvel 3B, same signal chain as the Guitar

Vox were Sm7b —> True Precision 8 —> 192

Any questions?  I’d be happy to answer them.

P.S Our future song will have real drums recorded by me, it should be awesome.